On Tuesday, the 29th March, our class 2. A was in the National Museum. We went there with Biology, to study animals in the exhibition Miracles of evolution. 

It was pretty interesting, we had to take pictures of ten animals and after that to write some information about them. My group was interested in the Minerals exhibition too. So we can go and have a look at this great exhibition too. We saw a lot of rare stones and learned a lot about them. 

Those who weren´t afraid of being cut, could go upstairs to the glass dome. The view was perfect, we were able to see everything - Wenceslas Square, Zizkov Tower, Prague Castle, etc. 

In the second building there was an exhibition called “When the stars shine”, about the Czech actresses and actors from the 20th century. To walk through these two buildings took us almost four hours. 

The excursion was really great and we enjoyed it. I look forward to the next trip and excursion. 

Lucie Radová, 2. A