2.B and their teachers were welcomed by a very cold morning on a Pilsen train station – we were heading for the National Museum and Heydrich Era Monument in Resslova Street. Our first stop was the Monument of Palach and Zajíc in front of the Museum and then we hit the road to the exhibition “Never give up”.

We could see some documents, pictures, working documents, the school back of Kubiš, Stengun gun and many other artefacts connected with the era of protectorate, mainly the artefacts connected with the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. We are celebrating 80 years of this heroic act, which hadn´t happened to Nazi before. 

We even had time to see other exhibitions: The miracle of Evolution where we had to see the finback whale Mišok or The Windows to prehistory. Those who wanted to see Prague from above, could clime the tower. We also visited the room with minerals. 

At 1 PM there was a guided tour in the Monument in Resslova Street. Firstly, we were shown the document about the preparation and the people involved in this assassination and how everything happened. We also visited the crypt of St. Constantin and Method church, where the parachutists were hiding and on 18th June 1942 were fighting, guided by a very nice lady. The lecture was very interesting and we could learn a lot of fascinating details about Kubiš and Gabčík and about other people who died to fight for freedom of our country. We could also visit the church were there were shootings and fights. Not far away from here, there are plagues with the names of the heroes, exactly on the places, where their bodies were laid after their killing. 

Full of experiences and knowledge about these hard times of our country, we moved to the train station where our trip started. And back home…

Mgr. Blanka Mervartová, loose translation