On Friday 11th November, the student of modern history seminar and the students of forth years had the possibility to listen to inspirational stories Czech people who became famous in the world in the past. Political scientist and historian and the author of many interesting books PhDr. Martin Nekola, Ph.D. visited our school. 

His first lecture showed us how our compatriots got to New Zealand, who opened the first opera house there, who and how founded the first and the most famous ski resort in Australia, who was the main advisor and even a friend of the Ethiopian emperor or who bought in Peru a piece of land where the archaeologists found a golden treasure. 

The second lecture was dedicated to “Czech America” in other works Czech emigration to the USA, the life and history of compatriot communities in chosen megacities such as New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Las Angeles of St. Louise. We were also talking about famous Czech Americans, who were able to become famous thanx to their will, courage, diligence and endurance and they could make their way and become famous in science, culture, showbusiness and politics. 

Despite the fact that these people were forced to leave their homes in the difficult times for them and had to start from the very beginning elsewhere, they managed it to the top and still they remained proud of their origin, country and they were supporting our country even from distant corners of the world. 

A lot of these stories can be found on: https://www.czechoslovaktalks.com/ in the project The Czechoslovaks Talk, whose leader Mr. Nekola is. 

Thank you for an interesting talk and we are looking forward to the next one. 

Mgr. Martina Waltrová, loose translation