Every Day, Do one or two Good Deeds
And into the booth bring one or to book piece.
It works easily,
Books don´t go trashilly.

Bring one or two books which you think somebody might use and you have no use for them at home. Give them into our booth. Feel free to take or borrow one, two or more books. Our Masaryk Book Boot is located on the first floor and it works as all the other book booths you know.

The ten commandments of a happy and healthy book booth

1. Bring one, two or three books.
2. Feel free to take or borrow a book or two.
3. Bring such books you think that somebody might use
4. Tell your friends about me and show me to your friends
5. Keep my place clean
6. Put only books into me
7. You can write a small nice piece of dedication for future readers of the book
8. When I am full, don´t give me any more books
9. Write a title of the book you want to find here on a small notice board on my lateral side
10. Don´t call me toi-toi booth :-)

Mgr. Kateřina Kuchtová, Mgr. Petr Tesař, loose translation