I was on a skiing course with my classmates last week. We went by bus to Krkonoše to a ski center called Pec pod Sněžkou. 

There were five PE teachers in total and a medical student who looked after the classes kvinta A and kvinta B. The first day of our trip was Sunday. We were supposed to spend there a whole week, that means seven days. We met up in front of our school in the morning and tested ourself with the antigen tests. Unfortunately, one person from our class was positive. But the school still allowed us to leave under a condition, that everybody will have to take a covid test on Monday and if anyone is positive, we have to return home immediately. We arrived at the small town Pec pod Sněžkou and we had a long and exhausting hike to the cottage Lyžařská bouda ahead of us. The second day we woke up early and took a covid test. Luckily no one was positive and we could stay. We divided into groups depending on our skiing and snowboarding experience. I was a complete beginner on snowboard. I never stood on a snowboard before in my life, so during the whole course I learned the basics. However, this wasn’t the only activity we did. Almost every afternoon and one whole day we were cross country skiing. Sometimes it was fun, but there were times I would rather stay in the warm cottage and relax. As for the weather, we experienced some beautiful views of the local nature, but also really foggy, snowy and windy days. 

Although we left a day sooner than we were supposed to, due to the deteriorating covid situation, I really enjoyed the time spend there and learned how to at least stand on a snowboard. :-)

Emma Milovníková (KIA)

Our skiing course started on the 23rd of January. The success was that we could go even in these difficult times. We left our school in the morning. After four hours of driving, we finally arrived in Pec pod Sněžkou. We had to unload skis, snowboards and cross-country skis from the bus and then a long hike awaited us to our accommodation.

The weather was changing every moment, but the sunrises were the most beautiful. All days were very similar. We woke up around seven o’clock. Breakfast was an hour later. At a quarter to nine, we went up the slope. We were divided into four groups. Most of us went skiing. They cooked there very well. We spent our free time in the rooms. We listened to songs, played cards or slept. In the afternoon we went out again, but this time on cross-country skis. Dinner was at seven o'clock. The evening program was board games. For example, we got to know movies based on photos. I really enjoyed playing the first aid scene. We had to leave a day earlier than planned because of the infected person.

It was the best week with my class in the mountains. We had a great time. I really enjoyed it. I’ll remember it for a long time.

Veronika Ulčová (KIA)