After our holidays and the first day at school which is more organisational than anything else, we (mix of students from 4. B, 4. A, oktava and septima) headed on a trip to our neighbouring Bundesland - Bavaria. We were accompanied by our German teacher Mgr. Míškova and Bc. Švarc. We left school early in the morning towards Rozvadov and our first stop. 

We stopped at an ancient bishop city of Bamberg, whose centre is on the UNESCO list. Here in “Frantz Rome” as the city is nicknamed about 80 thousand people live here. There is also a university situated here. However, we were particularly and mostly interested in a historic centre of the city with a lot of sightseeing. The Old Town hall attracted mostly our attention as it was built on the River Regnitz and it forms an imaginary border between a bishop and a municipal part of the city. Pink Garden at New Rezidence and Bamberg Dome - St. George and St. Peter Cathedral - are also worth mentioning and worth visiting. Then there was a free time which most of us spent shopping for souvenirs of having lunch. 

Then we moved to the city of Bayreuth - the city of approx. the same size and a university town as well. This city lying on the both banks of the River Red Mohan is an administrative centre of Upper Frank. Firstly, we visited the complex of gardens called Eremitage, where aristocracy also spent their time together. 

Historically, Bayreuth is connected with composer Richard Wagner. There is a festival commemorating him annually. We were tracing this Leipzig-born composer throughout the city, with the first stop in his villa, his theatre (built exactly according to his design), which he considered being perfect. In our free personal time we could browse through the square and marvellous tiny streets around the square, where we could grab some coffee. 

Our way home was fast, after such a lovely day. Apart from our teachers, we would like to express our many thanks to Mr. Koura who prepared the whole program and was sharing with us a lot of great details about the cities and people and Bavaria in general. 

Filip Ummer, 4. B, loose translation