On Thursday the twenty-first of October our Physics and Maths teachers took our class kvarta A to Techmania science center in Pilsen. We could go on foot, because it isn’t far from our school.

This center helps people understand mathematics and physics better. It is in the former factory building Škoda. In 2013, the first 3D Planetarium in the Czech Republic was created there. 

When we got to Techmania, our teachers gave us some worksheets and we could go to exhibitions. We especially liked the hydraulic pressure exhibition. It was amazing to observe water movements. There were also a lot of science shows, for example the show with the Van der Graaf generator or the demonstration of a steam engine. It was very interesting. 

Then we went to the 3D Planetarium. First of all, we could visit the exhibition about space, but we were excited to watch the film Dream Big. The film was about engineers who build skyscrapers and speak about how important they are for our lives on the planet. We enjoyed the film a lot. 

We spent a very nice day in Techmania and we want to thank Mrs. Štumpfová for organizing the visit. We hope to go there again, maybe with our Chemistry or Biology teachers.

Adam Dejmal, kvarta A