Our skiing course in Šumava started on Monday, February 14th. We left Pilsen in the morning and we went by train to ski resort Špičák. We were staying in Hotel Bohemia. That was a great place to stay because the accommodation was really close to ski slopes. There were five P.E. teachers with us: Mr. Páník, Mr. Stoček, Mrs. Šedivá, Mrs. Provodová and Mrs. Šturmová.

After we arrived, we unpacked our bags, ate lunch and then we got ready to our first skiing. At the beginning we were divided into groups according to our skills. On the second day we were skiing of course. Only the best group, including me, went to the big slope, where the chairlift led. The other groups spent the morning on the T-bar lift. In the afternoon we went cross-country skiing to a meadow nearby.

The thing I enjoyed the most was something like biathlon. It wasn’t a proper biathlon because we weren’t shooting from a small caliber. Instead of that we used an air gun and a pistol. I was quite successful in that, I ended up first from our class. After that wonderful activity, we made a trip to Železná Ruda. The weather rapidly changed, it started raining cats and dogs. There we got some time to do whatever we wanted to. Many of us bought some sweets and fizzy drinks.

The skiing course was excellent except of some things like bad weather and even worse quality of snow. Despite that, I enjoyed it. 

Dominik Plicka, sekunda A