Until the last day, we were not sure whether we would all go to the ski course or whether we would go at all. Covid measures were constantly changing. But in the end we were allowed to leave.

On the day of departure, on Sunday 23th January 2022, at 9:30 we all (classes KIB and KIA) met in front of our school and tested with antigen tests - a measure that could reduce the number of those who will go. And it also did, fortunately by only one person. After filling the bus with skis and bags, we finally set off on a long, four-hour way to Pec pod Sněžkou. After arriving in Pec, we had to climb to the Forest Chalet. It took us about one hour and a half. In the evening we watched a beautiful sunset.

The next morning after breakfast we went to the slopes. There we divided into 3 groups, according to which we not only skied, but also played games and competitions every day. After lunch we went cross-country skiing. There was a plain next to our chalet, where we learned and remembered basic things like braking and different skiing styles.

On Tuesday morning we went to the slopes again. The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful. In the afternoon we went to the plain to try other things on cross-country skis.

On Wednesday we went on a half-day cross-country trip. It was cloudy, but it wasn't completely cold. We rode about 14 km. After our arrival back to the chalet, we relaxed and rested in our rooms by the evening.

We spent Thursday morning on slopes again. It was cold and the snow was blowing in our faces. As the last cross-country event, the teachers organized a team competition in the afternoon.

One evening we undertook a lecture from a man who worked in the mountain rescue service. We called him "Mr. Avalanche", because he was talking mainly about avalanches.
Almost every evening the teachers prepared a program for us. We played a lot of games.

Although the departure was originally scheduled for Saturday, January 29, we had to leave on Friday, because a few people got tested positive on covid. Of course, quarantine followed. Even so, I dare say that we all enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot of new things. It was an unforgettable experience for me and if I could, I would definitely go again!

Lucie Fiedlerová, kvinta B