The final of the competition “Prezentiada” is here! It´s six in the morning and we are setting off the trip to Prague, where in the Congress Centre (former Palace of Culture) in Nusle there is the highest round of the competition taking place. 36 teams from the Czech Republic and Slovakia has made it through. 

We could choose from two topics: “There is something above us…” and “Heuréka”. We have chosen the second one. The majority of presenters chose the first topic and the easily-guessed motives of the Good, the Sky, the Space or the Ceiling repeated far too often. The topic “Heureka” lured us to use Archimedes and his first physics law, which was the thing that most of the competitors having chosen this topic did. Not that much for us!! Our presentations dealt with forgotten inventors and their crazy ideas that only lived for a moment, were only prototypes or even just a sketches on a piece of paper. “Ladies, would you like a plastic mask on your face not to damage your make-up?”

“And what about special scissors to cut completely same pieces of pizza?” “How about a convertible bridge which you carry all the time with you in case there is not a permanent bridge of a ford?” “And how would you like a revolver which is at the same time a camera?” “Or here is another one - a door which flipped into a horizontal position can serve as a table tennis table?” Similarly as in a regional round - the jury and the audience were thrilled to see how many crazy ideas our team had prepared for them. 

Despite the fact that we didn´t make it to the Final Six, we all agreed that it had been a great experience. We appreciated a lot a very positive feedback from the members of the jury, who belong to the top of the experts when it comes to presenting as such. 

Congratulations to all members of our team. 

Ing. Simona Martínková, loose translation