On Wednesday 30th November our class Tercie A visited Prague. We went there by train. The train was old and not very pretty. We arrived at Prague at ten o’clock and then we went to the National Museum. 

We had an hour for walking around each floor in the National Museum. We saw a lot of stones or historical exhibits on the first floor. We liked the shining stones.

On the second floor there was an exposition called The Miracles of Evolution. There were exhibited other stones and mounted animals. We read about composers like Antonín Dvořák or Bedřich Smetana in one exposition on this floor too. 

After that we went to the new building for another exposition. There was something like a cinema in the new building. We saw an interesting document about the 20th century.

We had a free hour in the town at the end of our trip. Almost everyone went to McDonald's or KFC but my friends and I spent this time in a Luxor bookstore. We came back to Pilsen at half past four.
The trip was great and we enjoyed it a lot.

Veronika Cviklová, tercie A