On 3rd November, we all from Natural Science Seminar set on a trip to plant trees. The workers of a forest company were waiting for us at Pnovany train station and we together we went to our “planting” destination. 

We were given some gloves, hoes, baskets and above all some seedlings of pine trees and a short training followed. Some of the students seemed to be born with a hoe in their hands but the others have some initial complications and problems. However, after a while we all were enjoying our work and we work like a charm. Obviously, we couldn´t get the standards but we were very happy being praised from the professional team. Not only we learnt how to plant trees, but also how to follow up in taking care about seedlings. We also got to know with the species of the forests and trees and also with the forests care in general. 

You are always hungry after a good work so we roasted our sausages on the fire. We also went for a short trip in the surroundings, have a look at forest plant nursery with the planting of deciduous trees and larches. 

A bit dirty, a bit tired, we arrived home. Thought, the feeling of a great day was more than anything. We also appreciate new experience and knowledges. 

Mgr. Monika Korčáková, loose translation