Monday, early in the morning, October 10th, a group of sixteen students was a bit afraid and shaking who would come to sleep over for four nights. Students of septima A, sexta B and 2. A were sharing the same thoughts. Then the bus from Regensburg came and arrived in the Main Station. This time, same group of sixteen German students were leaving the bus and sharing the same fears and worries as their Czech guesting students. They chose their partners following the motto: “First come, first served.” At the same time, the students tried to remember their first lessons in prima, where they were thought to introduce themselves. I must admit, most of them were successful. 

An interactive guided tour followed and our German students had a lot of difficulties while trying to pronounce “Řehoř”. No wonder! It was also difficult to pronounce a word “žížala”. On our way to Klatovy by a train we were chatting, planning our first evening together and looking forward to see mummies and catacombs under the city centre in Klatovy. 

To enjoy our exchange even more, our teachers had planned for us a visit in Pilsen Brewery. We could also try to go through a small keg lid. We also liked the ride in the biggest elevator in our country. However, these are not the main attractions that our brewery is famous for and worth visiting. We were really excited, and our German friends as well, to use helmets while entering the Pilsen underground tour. Next morning we again took a train, this time to Prague. We had a tour round the city centre and we tried with our “austauschpartners” Czech “trdelnik”. 

Slowly we were more and more tired, though, we wanted to enjoy our last evening together. We went to play laser games and bowling. We could say a proper good-bye thanks to newly learnt vocabulary and say how much we are looking forward to our visit in Regensburg. 

I would like to thank to all the participants who made this experience unforgettable and I would like to thank to all the teachers who helped to organize this event. 

Mgr. Šárka Hrušková, loose translation