At the end of March,16th National Selection Conference of EYP Czech Republic took place in Pardubice. It was my greatest pleasure to be a part of this session as a Media Team Member. 

I am an active member of the European Youth Parliament and I was very excited about this physical session. I was very happy to see many familiar faces from Liberec and Třebíč, where regional sessions took place. I was very happy to see two of my classmates from Septima A, Anet Pracnová and Bianka Milovníková and this their first physical session so I really hoped that they are going to have a good time. 

I was in Pardubice from Wednesday and on Day 0, we had several workshops about video editing, photography etc. and we took part in many team building activities in order to bond with each other and make a better team!

On Day 1, being Thursday, the delegates arrived and everything was really nice. They played team building activities outside, because it was sunny and 20 °C, so we took the opportunity and enjoyed nice weather in a nice Pardubice park to the fullest.

Day 2 and 3 was Committee work day and I was a part of the Media Team, so I didn’t get many chances to listen during their activities, but I took many pictures and I was working on my project. My job was not to just take pictures, but also edit them, so I was overwhelmed and worked from morning till the evening. 

Sadly, I had a knee injury during the session so I had to go to the hospital, so I wasn’t there for many evening activities and expert talks and workshops and I feel really sad that I couldn’t participate, but there was nothing I could do.

Day 4 was the last day and I could walk a bit, so I enjoyed the General Assembly and I was listening to the speeches of the delegates, which were very interesting, because there were many interesting topics and it was overall worth listening to. 

I was very glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of the session and I am looking forward to trying something new and different on more sessions! This experience was another little step forward in my EYP journey.

Simona Melicharová, septima B