Hi Lucy,

It has been ages from our last meeting. I was thinking about you yesterday, because we were on a school trip and we visited many places which you would definitely like. 

We went to Prague to visit the National Museum and Gallery with paintings from Alfons Mucha. You can´t imagine how long and terrifying the journey by train was! Fortunately, after an hour and half we arrived in Prague and started our tour. We spent three hours in the National Museum, which was incredibly beautiful, from my point of view. We could see there an exposition of evolution. Furthermore, we could admire an amazing view of the city from the highest point of the museum – the tower. 

The gallery didn´t impress me as much, but the best part came after it. We had a free time! So, I bought some coffee in Starbucks with a pumpkin spice flavour and I was really satisfied. 

The energy seemed to be very friendly and relaxed during the whole trip. I spent a great time with my class and teachers! 

Well, it was a short story about me and how are you?


Martina Krocová, 3. B