Our journey began outside our school at 8 am. Two sleepy classes got on the school bus and went into the middle of nowhere, Melchiorova Huť. When we arrived, the teachers showed us the whole camp, we unpacked our things and they split us into four groups.

Each group had one activity and after an hour and half, the groups switched. Our group started with Mr. Páník. We went into the woods and collected mushrooms. After that, we built a totem and ate our lunch. Then we constructed a shelter and built a tent.

In the evening we sat around a campfire and sang some songs. The boys also had a funny experience with  Artem’s jeans, because he was too lazy to take off his shoes, he tried to pull his tight jeans over them. He pulled so hard that he got stuck in his jeans. We tried to pull his jeans over, but we were successful only after 20 minutes of doing that. Next day, we cooked a goulash on a campfire, made a bench, practised with a compass and played psychological games. That night, we also went into the woods, where the teachers made us a trail of courage.

Last day, we packed our things, learned first aid and played football.
Personally I had a great time at the survival course and I learned a lot of new things.

Antonín Mík, tercie A