On the fourth of October (the first day of our survival course) I woke up at quarter to six and had my usual morning routine. When I came to school, I already saw my friends and at eight o’clock we left. We travelled for about forty minutes. Once we arrived, we chose our rooms and then our first activity started. Our first activity was collecting mushrooms with Mr. Páník. Our second activity was working with a compass. Then we had lunch and some free time. In the afternoon we built tents, totems and made shelters in the forest. In the evening we presented our totems and sat by the fire.

On the second day we had breakfast and then our team’s first activity was cooking. We cooked goulash with sausages, and I think it was delicious. Our second “challenge” was to build a bench. We did a pretty good job, but it was more a throne than a bench. In the afternoon we played games with Mr. Stoček. Also, we went fishing and tried shooting from a gun. At night we went on a night exploration game, and it was kind of scary.

On the third day we packed our luggages and had breakfast. One of our last activities was a predator race. That means something like a monkey track. After that we had a health “seminar” and then we just played some games. I played soccer and in the afternoon we left.

After all I enjoyed our survival course, and I would like to thank to all of my friends and teachers.

Kateřina Kupková, tercie A