Our first day there was pretty good. In the morning we played with the compass and picked up mushrooms. After lunch we had a little break. In the afternoon we built a shelter and tents. Building tents was pretty easy for me, because almost every summer I visit a camp where we sleep in tents so… In the evening we saw the boys play truth or dare. Sometimes someone would come up to us and ask about some nonsense. But then they came to us and asked if we wanted to play hide and seek with them. We agreed and it was good that I played with them because I enjoyed it so much. But also when I was hiding, I accidentally lay down in nettles in my shorts, so both of my legs got burned... I'm a moron, I know.

The next morning I sprained both my wrists, so Markéta taped them for me (Thank you Markét...). But I still went to the forest to cut a tree with Jana... But we had to because we were building a bench. Right after that we cooked goulash. It was a success for us because we are Michelin chefs, right?

At night we made a fire and then the teachers organized a "night game". So I went on a trip with Lenka and Jana... There was a gate at the end and an opened door next to it. But because I'm blind, I climbed over the gate while they went through the door.
At least we somehow survived…

Veronika Humlová, tercie A