It´s Tuesday, 8 am, and our class is going to Melchiorova Huť to start a survival course. When we arrived, the cabins were assigned to us. In the morning we were doing orientation in nature and building totems. In the afternoon we started building tents and small houses in the forest. In the evening we played poker and football.

The next day, on Wednesday, we had breakfast in the form of a buffet. After breakfast we had a short break and then we played some mental/psychological (?) games and learned some new things about herbs. After delicious lunch we built benches and cooked excellent goulash. Every activity lasted an hour and a half, so we almost didn´t make it. At 5 pm a strange run started, named the Predator Run. The Predator was a run through some obstacles, for example throwing discs in a basket or sailing in a boat. Our team was fifth. After the announcement of results, the bonfire started. During the bonfire, groups of six had to go to the forest but it was very dark. When the last group returned, everyone had to go to sleep. On the third day, an ambulance arrived and we learned some new things about saving people´s lives. Then we had lunch and around 3 pm we came back to school. 
I think it was fun and I learned some interesting facts about nature.

Richard Zíka, tercie B

We were on a course of survival last week from Tuesday to Thursday. We arrived in Melchiorova Huť at 9 am. I was waiting with Lukáš and Hynek in front of the huts a we picked a room with number 16 and began unpacking our things. In the morning we were making totems in the afternoon, we were building tents. Then we went to sleep at 11 pm.

On Wednesday we woke up at 6 am. Breakfast was big and cool, in the form of a buffet. Then we went to play mental/psychological (?) games and taste herbal teas. We had stuffed dumplings with meat and fried onions. In the afternoon we were making benches and sausage goulash. Then we were doing a competition event called “Predator” and we placed fifth. In the evening we were having a campfire and then a night game. We returned at quarter past 11 pm. We watched a film and went to sleep at 1 am.

On Thursday we got up at 8 am. Before lunch we were in an ambulance and then we got lunch, a SCHNITZEL!!! At 2 pm we sat into the bus and returned to school at 3 pm.

 Martin Boháč, tercie B

We went to the place by bus. On the first day of the course we went to the forest and cut down some trees and built some totems. One hour after that we ran an orientation run. In the evening we went to sleep.
Next day, we cooked goulash with sausages. Our goulash was disgusting. After lunch we started testing herb teas, and that was real fun. After that we started learning how to build a tent. The next activity was knot-tying with Mr Stoček. In the evening we had a campfire and sang songs together.
On the third day we had an ambulance training with a real ambulance from Pilsen Hospital. After that we had a Predator Run, which was actually only running around the camp a few easy disciplines. 
After lunch we went home. I really enjoyed this course.
 Antonín Flodr, Tercie B


My name is Vojtěch Kůs and I´d like you to learn about our survival course (26/4 – 28/4).

First of all: housing

We were accommodated in cottages. There was about six of them for both of our classes. One cottage contained four rooms. 3 people fit in one room. They were poorly furnished. There was one bunk, one bed, a table, two chars and some kind of shelves. It was terribly cold inside.

We arrived at the camp at 9 o´clock, lunch was scheduled for 11 o´clock. Until then, we made totems from natural materials and learned how to orientate in nature.

Food was pretty much like our canteen. Lunch consisted of soup and the main course. Dinner had one course. Breakfasts were really good, since there was a buffet. Rolls, cereals bread, butter, ham…

For the rest of our stay we played games, ran a Predator Run designed by our teachers, saw an ambulance car, sat by a campfire and sang songs, had a night game… It was really fun overall and I´m thankful for this experience.

Vojtěch Kůs, tercie B

Tercie A and Tercie B had a meeting at 8 o´clock. We rode to Melchiorova Huť for survival course for three days. We rode by a French bus, with a Slovak driver in the Czech Republic. We arrived at 8:40 or something like that.

When we arrived, we accommodated in cottages for 12 people. The cottage was divided into 4 rooms. In every single room there were 2 or 3 people. The weather was warm, so many people changed their clothes. At 10 o´clock we had our first meeting with our teachers: Mr Pavlíček, Mr Stoček, Mrs Provodová and Mrs Šturmová. We learned the ground ruled of the camp and timetable for the first day. At 10:30 we had the first activity. It was something like making totems. The totem of our group was very good, I think. Then we changed activity with another group. We worked with a magnetic compass. Lunch was good. After it, we built a tent without plan and then we built shelters for survival. Next day was boring but in the afternoon we had a competition called Predator. We really wanted to win but we ended on the third place. It wasn´t best but it was OK.

Vladislav Hasman, tercie B