We, Tercie A and Tercie B, were on a survival course in Melchiorova Huť from the 4th to the 6th October. The areal was in the middle of a forest and we stayed in wooden cabins, each one had four rooms for three people.

Through the three days, we were doing many activities. On Tuesday, we learnt about orientation in maps and working with compass, we tried to build a tent and a shelter and then we were supposed to make a totem. We worked in small groups and then, in the evening, we told everyone a story about our totem.

The next day, we played some games with Mr. Stoček, built a wooden bench with Mr. Pavlíček, cooked a goulash with Mrs. Šturmová and then Mr. Páník tried to teach us how to shoot with a gun.  In the evening, the teachers prepared a path of courage. We split into trios and we had to walk along the path as quickly as possible. Some of the teachers were in the forest and tried to scare us.

On our last day, we packed our things and cleaned the cabins. Then we made groups of six and we ran a predator race. It was a track with some physical tasks, such as target shooting, walking on a slackline or paddling on a raft. When everyone finished, the teachers declared the winners of the race, the shooting and the path.

I really enjoyed it, and I think it was an unforgettable experience. I´m looking forward to similar trips with our PE teachers!

Lucie Kohoutková, tercie A