I enjoyed the adaptation course. I liked when the whole class worked as a team to pour water to the bottle in a circle. The sleeping bag they gave me was really uncomfortable and it stank .The activity I didn't like so much was going through the woods and doing tasks in there. I enjoyed the night game especially when my group scared a group behind us. I've learned some new things too, like how to do the first aid.
Overall it was quite good.

Minh Khoi Tran, prima B

In the first week of school we had an adaptation course in Jesenice. We got there by bus. We stayed there 2 days. We slept in a small cabin. The weather was nice. Every day we played games outside. In the evening we sat around the fire sang songs. We also learned how to do the first aid. I enjoyed the course very much. It was a good opportunity to meet my new classmates.

Barbora Kubiasová, prima B

Our Adaptation course starts on 5. 9. and ends 7. 9. On Monday we arrived in Jesenice. In Jesenice we played “get to know games“. We had good food every day. On Tuesday we played, a night game and we went to the forest and we solved tasks. On Wednesday we went home, but before noon we went to the forest and we had to remember quotes. In the afternoon we arrived in Pilsen and we went home.

Elena Rotová, prima B

In the morning we left by bus. In our destination we made groups. Our group had six members. We were playing many games. It was really fun. We had good weather. Only in the morning it was cold outside. We had good meals. We were there for three days. The third day we left. Again by the bus. It was really fun and I have good memories.

Markéta Kurešová, prima B 

On 5th September all Prima classes meet in front of Masarykovo Gymnázium Plzeň. In front of school stopped three buses and then we went to Jesenice u Rakovníka. Our camping site was very nice .We spent three days in forest where we played funny games. Third day we went back home. We had a fantastic time.

Pavel Jůza, prima B