On a stellar night of the 6th of September, our class gathered around a fire pit. Round and round, the eyes of my brought-together classmates brightened up - we knew why.

“And it was all yellow,” we sang and it made me rewind the beginning of the adaptation course.

The wooden cabins near the forest and the surrounding campsite welcomed us warmly at Jesenice near Rakovník. And from then on, we got into a spinning carousel of activities and experiences.

To get to know each other and build trust, we played lots of games. However, one in particular excited almost everybody - elbow strikes, pouring rain and adrenaline rush simply meant the right cocktail of thrill for us.

The night dressed in shadows and frightening darkness kept us company, while we were jogging through the forest and playing a night game. The following afternoon, we even tried to aim for the highest score in a shooting competition. Further and further, our relationships tightened and we realized that we shared similar fears and expectations.

Blazing flames danced around to the guitar playing; with the adaptation course, we became a united class in less than a week. The walls between us were shattered and barriers destroyed - the crazy journey through high school had just begun for us, we knew it.

“Look at the stars. Look how they shine for us.” And they truly shone, showing us a path.

Tereza Vrchlavská, 1. A