On Monday 30th November, the students of sekunda went on a trip to Nýřany. On the local train station, they visited legionary train, a history replica of a legionary train which was used between 1918-1920 by Czechoslovakian legionnaires for military operations in Trans-Siberian arterial railway. In this train, they reached Vladivostock going throughout the whole arterial railway. From here the legionnaires finally arrived back to their homeland, Czechoslovakia. This train replica helps public and students above all to raise their awareness about this era, the soldiers and how important they were helping to form independent Czechoslovakia. 

We could see an exciting document about the legionnaires and then we were guided by a man in period uniform through the train composed all together by 14 carriages. We could se a broadcasting, commanding, medical, residential or post carriage, where we could see an ordinary every day life of the soldiers. The whole excursion took place during the very cold morning which brought a piece of authenticity of freezing Siberia, whose hostile and extremely cold weather was the most difficult thing that our soldiers had to face, to our experience. The weather was one of many dangerous and exhausting situations, our soldiers had to deal with while helping to form our independent state.

Mgr. Eva Provodová, Bc. Ondřej Švarc, loose translation