On 30th November we had an excursion to the National Museum in Prague. We went by train there. 

Before we got on our train we took BeReall with Mr. Páník and then he gave us our tickets. On the train we had to show our tickets to a ticket inspector. He said that we had bad tickets, because we had tickets from Prague to Pilsen. But at least he solved it with our teachers.

When we arrived in Prague first we went to the National Museum. We had one hour to look around the first floor. There were a lot of beautiful minerals and there was a historical exposition there too. My friends and I spent a long time in the exposition of minerals. Then we had a snack and spent the next hour on the next floor. There was a big exposition of evolution and it was really interesting. There was also a smaller exposition of historical musicians, but we didn’t like it, because there wasn’t much interesting information. When we saw everything in the first part we went to the museum's new building. There was an exposition about the World Wars. There were also many interesting things there, but we were really tired so we didn’t enjoy it that much. There was something like a small cinema, so we sat and relaxed. We watched a short video about the World Wars three times. 

When we went through all the expositions in the museum we went for food. Most of us went to McDonald's. When we finished our food we went by train to Pilsen. On the train we played a lot of games and we really enjoyed it.

The excursion to the National Museum was really nice and I think all of us really enjoyed it.

Nela Zelenková, tercie A