In the summer holidays, I was planning to attend an International session in Ljubljana. Unfortunately, the session could not happen in the present form due to covid situation, so I didn’t attend.

I was looking forward to it, because I was chosen to go to Ljubljana and have been looking forward to it very much. We even had a list of the representatives from the Czech Republic and majority of them were my friends, which I have known from past sessions.

I am going to attend Regional Selection Conferences in autumn now, both of them as an official. It is going to be my first time attending as an official and I am very nervous and looking forward to it. One is in Liberec and it is happening in October and the second one is happening in November and in Třebíč. Both of those sessions are physical, meaning it is going to be my first physical session in two years! I am looking forward to it very much.

When I applied as a Media Team Member for Liberec, I didn’t expect to be accepted. I wasn’t at first and they even sent me a rejection letter a few weeks after I applied, because many people also applied for this position and it was almost impossible for me to get accepted when we take into consideration that I never had an experience with this position apart from the others. Fortunately, one boy could not attend the session so a few days after the rejection letter, I got an email saying that I could get this position. Even though it was very last minute, I accepted the offer and I am now a Journalist in RSC Liberec in October!

I attended as a chairperson for Třebíč and I was accepted. The good news for me is that I have a lovely co-chair, because I am not that skilled and I don’t have any previous experiences. My co-chair is Klárka Vísnerová, my classmate and a very good friend and I attended every single session with her. I am glad that they put us together and I am looking forward to this session so much!

I was very sad that I couldn’t attend Ljubljana, but these two regional sessions are so much better than any digital session thanks to the present form!

I am very grateful for this opportunity, because I feel like I learn so much with every single session I attend. It is not just a huge language step forward I take with every single second in EYP, it is also that I learn new things and meet new people!

Simona Melicharová, septima B