Hi Mike, 

How are you? I am writing you about our trip to Prague last week. We were in Prague because we wanted to see the National Museum and Mucha´s exhibition. This Prague trip was planned by our Czech language teacher because we were learning about Mucha. 

We went to Prague by train from Pilsen. We met on Pilsen´s Train Station at 8 o´clock with our teacher. From Prague´s train station to the National Museum it is not far, that´s why we walked instead of going by bus. In the National Museum we had a free time for us. During this time, me and my friends visited lots of exhibition about our national history also exhibition about the Earth evolution, which was my favourite. Later we also visited Mucha´s exhibition about his pictures which wasn´t interesting for me like the National Museum. 

To continue, we had a great vibe on the trip. We were able to visit some shops on Wenceslaus Square. Me and Dan chose some sport shops where they had some interesting sport jerseys and boots. And also we visited Mc Donald´s because we were hungry during the trip. I really enjoyed this trip. 

This was a short story about me. How about you? 

Take care

Tobiáš Franc, 3.  B