Today we had a lecture about medieval city founding. It was about Old Pilsen and it´s history. We learnt a lot of new information from archeology and architecture. Dr. Josef Hložek explained a lot of things. We have information about cities that were built around the rivers. The great example of these rivers is the river Otava. The Otava is well known for gold. We also found out some interesting facts about castle Ostrý. Castle Ostrý is the highest castle built in the Czech Republic. 

We met a very interesting man today. I adore a knowledge of Dr. Hložek. He really understands his job and has a view from many perspectives. Even the lector knew what to say I found this a bit boring because I am not interested in medieval history. I love ancient Greece and Rome because it has its own charm. 

The Middle Ages are a dark history for me, I would like to skip this part from education system. Here are few things, I would like to change. The first thing is a long monolog from Dr. Hložek. I know that history is about theory but after the first lesson I was tired. Even there were amazing topics for discussion I felt confused. The second thing is the presentation document shared by Dr. Hložek. I would like to have more information there, because I sometimes lost in amount of new words. 

At the end I would like to say it was a nice form to get new knowledge. I´m excited for future lectures we´ll have at this school. 

Tereza Parvoničová, 2. B