Kvarta A spent October 13th in Prague. We walked just a short distance from the Main Train Station to the National Museum. We could see the exhibition: “We will never give up!” dealing with the topic of assassination of Reinhard Heydrich and other events of year 1942.

A lecture was prepared for us during which we could listen to a guide´s speech and we also had to fill in some “work sheets”. We could closely look at some reasons of the assassination and also we got to know what followed after this event - elimination of village Lidice and the end of state of emergency. We got to know also the fates of common people, families who resisted and were fighting against the regime. Unfortunately they were mostly severely punished. After a short lunch break we “climbed up” to a Vítkov Monument. Firstly we explore the statue of Jan Žižka and then we entered the Museum. Again thanks to a great guide we had a marvellous tour, we could see the city from this hill and we learnt a lot of useful and interesting information about Klement Gottwald, Bohumil Kafka, Jan Zázvorka and the reasons of origins and existence of the “Unknown Soldier Grave”. 

I believe I speak for the whole class. We enjoyed the excursion very much and we also learnt something new. 

Karolina Vlčková, kvarta A, loose tranlation