This summer I had the opportunity to attend an International Session, the most prestigious type of EYP event. It was supposed to take place in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, but due to the pandemic, the event had a hybrid form - the delegates attended the session digitally and the officials were present physically in Ljubljana. Before this session I have mostly been in the role of an official and so I wasn’t looking forward to being a delegate very much. I do have to say, however, that I ended up enjoying the role and the session as such.

My committee ENVI I was dealing with water pollution and other issues connected to it. It was a really interesting topic and in the course of three days of committee work we delved into it. We learned about many troubling facts and worked hard to find good solutions and create our resolution. At the General Assembly which lasted for two days we successfully defended our resolution and I even got to speak a few times. My fellow committee members were wonderful and we worked really well together.

The session also had a free-time programme which included workshops, game nights and a movie night. My favorite activity was by far the virtual tour of Ljubljana where a wonderful local guide walked around the city with a camera and showed us all the sights. There was also a Euroconcert during which participants showed all their talents, musical and otherwise. Euroconcerts are always lovely, because everyone is very supportive of the performers and there’s a wonderful atmosphere.

Anežka Hurtová, oktáva A