Unfortunately, while my classmates were on their skiing course, frolicking in the snow, I had to stay home. Never have I imagined how draining social isolation could be. At least I wasn’t at risk of any broken limbs, though!

I spent the majority of my time locked in my room. I don’t recall seeing the light of day the entire week, even! Realizing my room didn’t match my personality, I considered redecorating my room, buying a radiohead poster or two. Movies and shows also played a big role during my week! I rewatched many that I’ve previously seen, such as Heathers, Your Name. and one specific episode of South Park. Though The Social Network stuck with me the most - I find it oddly comforting, although it emotionally destroys me by the end of the movie every time. Speaking of a movie about programming, I did my own programming as well! A psychological horror themed visual novel had been circling through my mind for quite a while and I’d finally gotten the motivation to start the long and tiring process of game developing.

Overall, my week was quite exhausting. I may not have been physically active, but my mental health got a workout of its own. A lively day at school was the last thing I expected I’d wish for, but social interaction was exactly what I needed.

Carmen Kreuzer, sekunda A