On Wednesday 2nd November, our class kvarta b went to Prague to a history excursion. Firstly, within the week of Czech Academy of Sciences we visited the Department of Contemporary History on Malá Strana we could see how it works to learn about contemporary history, what is oral history and how the department works with eyewitnesses.

We could have a look inside the house “At three red roses” where the Department is situated. It used to be the seat of Polarography Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences and the first Czech Nobel Price winner Jaroslav Heyrovský was working. Then we were tracing our parachutes into the Military History Institute Prague into the crypt of St. Constantin and Method Church, where our parachuters were hiding after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich and where they were heroically fighting to their very last breath. Last but not least, we visited The National Museum to see the permanent exhibitions and where we participated in two lectured programmes. In the first programme “Jump into 20th century, we could have a look at the original Ferdinand D´Este medal stained with his blood after the assassination, because he was wearing it while being shot. 

The second programme in the Museum took us to the exhibition “Never give up”, dedicated the assassination of the protector Reinhard Heydrich, Heydrich era and the situation during the Second World War in our country. After a short refreshment in Museum Café we hit the road back home to Pilsen. 

Natálie Sihelská, kvarta B, loose translation