With the first refugees arriving in Pilsen, a group of our school teachers began organising a wide range of activities we could possibly offer to help the Ukrainians overcome the initial difficulties and feel home in our country and city.

So far we have formed 2 adult groups for an intensive Czech-language course offering a 90-minute afternoon lesson Monday to Thursday. In addition, we have also started an intensive Monday to Friday course for kids and teenagers bringing a mixture of Czech lessons with sports and music activities.

At the same time, we are collaborating with the Radovánek Youth Centre which takes care of the Ukrainian children - our students volunteer in their daily groups taking part in various activities providing the most natural way for the refugees to become assimilated into the community and absorb the new language.

When it comes to the material support, most of the classes contributed to various charities providing humanitarian assistance for Ukraine. Throughout the time, some individuals also spontaneously came with their own way of collecting money selling home-made stickers or cookies during school breaks.

We have also prepared a clothing bazar to support the Ukrainians in this way as well. Whoever can come and bring some clothes, still nice to be used though not fitting the needs of our “taste”. :-)

Last but not least, we have also managed to prepare and equip one of our school flats which is now occupied by a Ukrainian mother with two children. All the finances and equipment have been donated by the teachers.

All the above mentioned interested people, students, teachers and other school staff, have been working as volunteers not getting or even expecting any financial reward. All the work helps us psychically overcome this tough and unprecedented situation. In other words, we have been trying to do at least something little and meaningful in this absolutely insane and cruel war.

Mgr. Jan Pytel