Students of 4. A Klára Pávová, Andrea Harmáčková and Markéta Jelínková responded excellently to a call of a charity “Výboru dobré vůle - Nadace Olgy Havlové” named: donate a heart. 

A call “Daruj srdce” - donate a heart was established 2020. The aim of this call was to engage students of high school into a charity work and incorporate students to civil society following the charity way of life and spirit of Olga Havlova - first wife of the first democratic president after the Velvet revolution Vaclav Havel. The objective of this specific project was to find a non-profit organization which helps in social area, to find out what this organisation needs to help with and to help. Klára, Andrea and Markéta with their active approach were able to get 20.000 Crowns for the Pilsen organisation named Totem. Totem is inter-generation volunteer centre. The reward for our three students was not only the discussion in Vaclav Havel Library but also a great feeling you can only have when you help and our help is unselfish and selfless. The best feeling is to do something for those who need it!

Congratulations, thank you for your work and we are very proud of you. We appreciate your work and help!

Mgr. Petr Tesař, speaking for the whole pedagogical body of Masaryk Grammar school, loose translation