On Tuesday October 18th, the class prima A set out on an excursion to Pilsen waterworks, where we were welcomed by a fantastic guide – Mr. Krejza. In an interesting way, we were told about the history of drinking water supply in Pilsen. Then we started our excursion around the waterworks where we could see an everyday running of the plant as well as we could see the process of adjusting of a drinking water.

Despite the fact that the students of prima don´t have chemistry and have had only a few lessons of physics, our guide could explain everything clearly and greatly and with a few questions he could hold the attention of our young students. We could also have a look at fish tanks which are situated in a former water treatment plant. Some of us could see for the first time a sturgeon from a very small stadium to a fully grown fish. There was a great autumn weather no rain so we could return to school not wet and full of experiences.

Question: What is the name of our amazing guide?

Answer: His name is Krejza. Láďa Krejza. 

Mgr. Vlasta Nováková, Mgr. Eva Machová, loose translation