On November 30, we went on an excursion to the National Museum in Prague with our class, Mr. Páník and Mrs. Šturmová.

We went there by train and that's why we all met at the main station in Pilsen. There was a lot of fun on the train. I was in a compartment with Lukáš, Michal, Artem and Saša. We arrived at the Main Railway Station in Prague and then walked to the National Museum.

The building was majestic. When we walked in, our jaws dropped due to the machined marble on the floor, beautifully decorated walls, and glass ceilings.

On the first floor of the historic building, we were able to view the exhibition of rare stones and stuffed land and sea animals. On the second floor, the history section caught our attention. Then we walked through the connecting corridor to the new building of the National Museum. There was a visualization of how life was in the 19th and 20th centuries.

After this tour, we were very hungry so we all went to buy some food.

We didn't have time for anything else, so we returned to the main station, where we got on the train and left Prague. We arrived again at the main station in Pilsen and set off for our homes.      

Leonard Mastný, tercie A