What is a Best in English contest?
A unique online English language competition within the EU and beyond. It is opened to all high schools and their students aged 14-19. It is a great language benchmarking tool.

The best students win a 2-week trip to Canada.

Here are some reactions of the students just after the test:

It was quite fun and a little bit of a different experience because it was timed. Some of the questions were challenging, but nothing super difficult. The listening bits were really fun and I actually learned some stuff from them.

Filip Mokrejš, SPB

Personally, I really enjoyed the listening exercise, it being more enjoying and fun than regular school listenings. The use of English parts was a bit more standard but still, the topics we had to read about were fairly interesting. I especially enjoyed the two travel stories. I didn´t perform very well but I´m looking forward to the results and hopefully I´ll be able to attend next year.

Růžena Matulová, SXB

I am glad I was given the prospect of taking part in this competition.

Tomáš Čepický, SXB

I felt like the completing the sentences exercise was the hardest. The multiple choice all looked like really valid answers. The reading exercise about mindfulness had quite interesting of a topic. The one I liked the most was the listening exercise about NFIs. I knew some of the answers before I even listened to it! Though, I felt like it gave me an unfair advantage. 
Michal Křižanovský, 3.B

I like doing tests like these, because they make me think about stuff I wouldn´t every melty think about. The topics of the questions were pretty interesting on this one. I also liked the story reading part. As for the difficulty, I felt it was quite challenging, for me at least. At times it was more about understanding the context more than grammar. I´d definitely like to try next year as well though!

Kevin Ulrich, 2. A

I enjoyed it, it was a new experience for me and I would like to try it next year and get better results.

Tomáš Kalina, 3. B

It was my first try competing in this event – Best in English and I liked it. I like the idea that it is held all over Europe. The test wasn´t long. 
Jan Kinkor

It was my first time in such a competition – Best in English and I liked it very much. I find the idea of compering my English knowledge with other students across many countries good and meaningful. The test was not that easy, nor that hard, the hardest thing for me was keeping staying concentrated.

Monika Blovská, 3. B

I joined this competition for the first time and I definitely enjoyed it! Being able to compete against students of all age groups in the whole Europe is more than exciting. I liked the form of the test as a person had to engage many skills and perform under pressure.

Helena Bečvářová, 3. B

I have really mixed feelings about this competition. It was not stressful for me, although I had trouble figuring some questions, mostly the multi-choice ones out. I am not really satisfied with my result, since I used to do quite well in the past, but neither am I disappointed with myself.

Zuzana Havlová, 3. A