Aprobace anglický jazyk a dějepis

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zkratka v rozvrhu: Bab
místnost 204

Investigated Subject:

Mgr. Monika NĚMČÁKOVÁ, DiS.
English - History

Where I:
- from: Middle Moravia
- was studying: College in Vyškov, University in Torhout (Belgium), ZČU Pilsen
- was living in: Belgium, Luxemburg, USA, New Zealand
- wanna go to: Russia, Japan, China, Australia

When I:
- was born: sometimes in the last millennium
- have a rest: anytime with my snowboard
- work: never and always

What I:
- love: snowboard, spiders, travelling, independent movies
- hate: peas, eggs, dogs, cats
- want: freedom for everything I wanna do

Why I:
- teach: ´cause I just love it
- english: language of my previous lifes
- history: ´cause it happens again and again in a helix, is so inspiring

Who I:
- admire: David Lynch
- love: David Lynch
- hate: David Lynch

The farmer and the priest in Australia are in the last round of the language competition. Last task is to make a rhyme with the word Timbuktu (town in Mali).
The priest starts:
" I was a priest all my life,
I had no childern, had no wife.
I read the Bible through and through
all my way to Timbuktu."
The audience applauded and it seemed that the priest won.
But then the farmer started:
"When Tim and I to Brisbane went,
we met three ladies cheap to rent.
They were three and we were two
so I booked one and Tim booked  two."