“I´m at the entracne“, writes a txt from a famous writer Michal Vrba. I am sitting in my office and I am looking forward to his visit and reading and a nice discussion among him and our students. Quickly, I am approaching the entrance and a handshake with: “Thank you are here and we appreciate it very much”. Michal seems surprised and ashamed with such a warm welcome… “Oh, not a famous writer… More likely a skilled reader, I am…” he is laughing in a modest reaction.

We are chatting together in my office about writing and a background of his books.

“The pub, I was writing books in, is closed because of covid…” he is explaining his daily writing routine. He is relieved after I showed him the questions: “I would ask that myself,” he praising the questions of the students. I am relieved as well and so the discussion with students can start.

We are heading towards 1.B class where Michal is reaiding his short story “Dotek” published in a short story collection reflecting pandemic years. The class is listening very carefully and I am proud of my class – they are listening, not chatting, not disturbing… Michal is also introducing his other books. With the ring finishing the lesson, we are running to the third floor to meet literary seminar and a bunch of my colleagues. Time passes so quickly and Michal is presenting his books: “Prak, Kolem Jakuba and Zeptej se ďábla.” He is reading from his book Poušť and there is also a room for spectators´ questions. “Are you thinking about filming of our books?” a question from colleague Eretová. “Of course it´s very tempting”, the author is admitting and confirming that there is something going on in this sphere. So we have something to look forward to…

Warmth good-bye in front of our school, and a strider of long trips Michal is rushing to a train station to catch a train to Novy Bydzov where he lives.

“Thank you Michal! It was great!”

Mgr. Kateřina Kuchtová, loose translation