Dr. Josef Hložek was talking about nedieval city founding. He mentioned some old cities like Pilsen – mostly, Tábor, Kašperské Hory and the beginning of their existence, what they were used for, how people lived there, etc.

As I said, he was mostly talking about Pilsen. In the middle of Pilsen St. Bartolomeus Church was founded as the centre of the city. There were regular walls around the city with four gates. Kašperské Hory was also important place for medieval people. They could find there gold, which was very useful material. This city was situated near the Střela. 

A performance of Dr. Hložek was full of new, exciting information. Some of them has already been well-known for me. His performance and appearance of the whole lecture look self-confident and greatly prepared. 

The lecture brings me a lot of new experiences. Some parts were boring for me, because I wasn´t so excited about the topic. Personally, I would change a speed of his performance, add some exciting tasks and questions to discuss. I would recommend the lecture to anybody who is into history and archeology. 

Martina Krocová, 2. B