Well, there is a harsh beginning of the school year for our prima A and prima B students. Fully equipped they are getting on a prepared bus taking them to the woods and countryside around Jesenice at Rakovnik. Peira base is alive suddenly. Spiders in the huts are wrapping their nets and Tomas in the kitchen is preparing lunch. Shy and careful approach is history as the getting-to-know activities are in progress during the first afternoon. Introduction is running and going on smoothly and without any troubles and also almost painlessly. Apart from a brain concussion, open fracture or arterial bleeding during first-aid lecture, there was nothing interesting going on during that day.

Anyway, we denied the statement that pulling together is better. It´s sometimes better, actually, to have two ropes. But you can´t always get to the right conclusion when you tummy is rumbling. There is a great smell of pancakes from the kitchen and the effort of our lectures to put us together is all gone when you can smell this wonderful odour. And because the crises can show the real friend our new friends aka classmates set off a night game full of dangers. The darkness seems to put them together better than anything else and our new friends reached the end of the night trek all together in one big friendly group. In the morning, before departure, it is important to pack a military sleeping bag perfectly and we could go home. Back to Pilsen. Hurray! See you next time… perhaps. Good bye.

Mgr. Jan Pytel, loose translation