We set off the course immediately the first day of our school. Of course, there was a tiring Covid-19 testing and after an hour we were ready to start our adventure in Jesenice at Rakovnik.

The weather was great and there was not even a drop of rain during the whole trip. At first we participated many competition where we could get to know our classmates better. We also could get to know our class teacher more. We were a bit afraid of night topography game where we tested how brave we are. Air-riffle and small calibre-riffle shooting was another great experience for many of us.

During the last evening we had a great program as well. There was a camp fire and sausage roasting and also sort of “reciting competition”. We were supposed to recite our own poems composed from given words such as: junk stuff, scratch or waste, a fly or vyfikundace. There were some of us with very original pieces of art. The most important thing was a great fun and a great evening. Last day we all gathered at the camp fire and everybody had some feedback and evaluation of the course followed by a first-aid lecture. After the lunch and terrible but necessary cleaning we went back home. We said “good bye” and departed direction Pilsen.

We would like to thank you all those who organized the trip. Apart from the pictures we will always have great memories on our getting to know course in school year 2021/2022.

students of 1. A and 1. B, loose translation