On 24th October, an act of remembrance took place in front of our school at 3 PM. The ceremony took place to pay a tribute to the Czechoslovak aircraft commander and general-major Jiří Hartmann whose 105th birth anniversary we are remembering this year. He was a very important Czechoslovak pilot who was fighting against Nazi Germany and he was a commander of 310th fighter wing of RAF. 

Jiří Hartmann is also our school graduate. There is also a memorial plague at the entrance to our school since 2007. After graduation at our school he started a military academy in Hranice and he joined air forces. In 1939 he fled the occupation to Poland, across France to Great Britain. He joined Royal Air Force and gradually he reached the position of the commander of 310th Czechoslovak fighter wing. During the WWII he was flying more than 560 hours and he participated 168 hours and actions against the enemy - Nazi Germany. Several dozens of students and teachers together with Mgr. Vastl took part in the ceremony. To remember Jiří Hartmann, there were several speeches given by the members of Historic Air Club Pilsen, the mayor of Pilsen 3 David Procházka and our teacher Mrg. Tesař. Those who remember Mr. Hartmann personally, shared some nice stories from his life. Those were the stories they heard personally from Mr. Hartmann of about him. The ceremony was finished by placing the flowers at his memorial plague. 

Štěpán Smatana, 2. A, loose translation