After last year's lockdown-forced break, the 3rd MG Food Collection took place at our school on Friday, 19th November, 2021 - the day before this year's autumn national Food Collection. And although a relatively large percentage of students and teachers were ill or quarantined, we managed to collect a total of 220.4 kg of food with long shelf life as well as toiletries and cleaning products in just one hour - that's amazing 14 full standard banana boxes.

However, that is not all, because after the end of the official collection, more contributions from the returnees (as well as the forgetful) have been gathered, and still are, meaning that the complete yield of this year's MG collection is not yet known. Naturally, those late contributions will also be delivered to the Food Bank in Pilsen before Christmas.

On this occasion, I would like to once again thank SPA students Vojtěch Blažek, Vojtěch Filip, Adam Gabriel and Vojtěch Plešmíd for their invaluable help at Friday's MG collection.

On Saturday, 20th November - also actually already traditionally - SXA students Eliška Borkovcová, Vanda Janů, Adéla Siková, Monika Kůsová, Aneta Válková and Tereza Temniaková volunteered at the official Food Collection in Kaufland Sukova – big thanks to them as well!!! Just for your information, during the day a total of 1 183 kg of donated food and toiletries passed through our hands there.
Moreover, 2. A student Ester Anna Soukupová and SPB student Kateřina Šauli helped out in Albert hypermarket at OC Olympia; there, a totally staggering mass of 1 667 kg of donations was collected throughout the day.

Just to create the overall picture of the event, for the entire Pilsen region, the yield of the autumn round of the Food Collection is currently over 23.2 tons of food and toiletries. However, since the Collection runs online until the end of November, specifically on, and, the total amount of collected material assistance for the needy citizens of the Pilsen region will be even higher, which is great, since the number of the needy has not decreased recently, rather the opposite.
So, thanks to all the contributors and hope to see you again at the next food collection!

Mgr. Petra Jindřichová