On Friday, 15th November, our school went back in time. The whole day was set for us, students, to learn about the communist regime in our country thirty years ago and how it affected schools and education.

All the preparation for this project started already in October, when the whole school was decorated with red flags and other things in this theme. Most of us was very surprised, because at the beginning we didn't know what was happening. Which was part of an educational process.

The project lasted from 8 AM to 2 PM. There was a teacher in every class with a specific topic. Each lecture took half of an hour and required us to discuss about its topic. First, we were on a lecture about Stb, then on a lecture about censorship, travelling of part-time jobs. I was genuinely impressed by Mr. Páník's imitation of conscript exercises of Spartakiáda demonstration by Mrs. Šedivá. We were also asked to come to school in retro clothes.

From my point of view, it is important to remember these times, so we can learn from past mistakes and we don't repeat them. This day was both fun and interesting, but in my opinion, this topic is very serious and it is important to educate us, younger generation, on it.

Adéla Kotková, kvinta B