29th November 2019 - 44 students

Here are some of the students' opinions:

I think this test can be really helpful because you can compare yourself and your classmates or other people of your age. I enjoyed taking the test but I think it could be longer. I find the test to be a bit short.

Anna Smetanová, sexta A

I think the test is a good practice. I enjoyed the listening part since I find these topics interesting, it is also great that we can compare ourselves to other students.

Darina Šyrjajeva, septima A

All in the test wasn't difficult for me, although some questions were quite tricky. I liked that the videos used weren't outdated and were in fact very entertaining. The tasks were all easy to understand including the listening ones.

Monika Školová, septima A

The test actually was very pleasant, the grammar wasn't as hard as I feared it would be and the videos were interesting and reliable for our generation. The only problem was with the podcast audio which was trying to trick the listeners for no particular reason.

Dominik Polák, 4. A

The test was actually quite easy, the hardest part for me was the multiple choices questions and I thing these were most of my mistakes made. I always had a second thoughts when answering them. Other than that, there was nothing wrong with the test.

David Rajchman, septima B


The test was an interesting experience. I think it´s definitely good to know your English level compared to the others. It was entertaining and I enjoyed the test. I also think the test could have been longer, so that you have more opportunities to earn points.
Anežka Hurtová, sexta A


The test was very interesting. The time limit scared me but in the end it was more than enough. The test wasn´t very difficult but if was still challenging.
Do Xuan Minh Vu, 3.A


I really enjoyed the test. Even though I didn´t understand everything, I still enjoyed it. One of the things I would like to point out is that it was great that they put there one British listening exercise plus even some American ones.
Karel Mařík, septima A