On the 9th October, we took part in the excursion to Litice. At first, we met together on the bus. Then we set out to the ruins. Honestly, our main plane was to take photos of us. After a long lecture, we moved to the nearest church. Then we followed another lecture about archeologic work, excavations, and some more interesting things.

In the half of his talking, we got a small break and we went to buy something to eat (sweats). In the second half, our lecturer was talking about old castles and fields. When our excursion finished, we went back to the bus stop and took a bus. We got a lot of experiences and new information and also a lot of fun.

It was one of series of lectures and activities connected with archeologic work prepared for us by the workers and teachers of West Bohemian University. We are looking forward to seeing the next one.

Vlastislav Lukáš, Leona Menclová, 1. A