From 30st September to 2nd October we went by bus to Melchiorova Huť. It's an hour from Pilsen by bus away.

It was mostly cloudy and it was raining sometimes. But on the second day the sun shined for a moment. There were a lot of huts and in every hut there were four rooms for free people. There were paper walls, so it was cold in the rooms.

Every day we got up at 7:30, because the breakfast was at 8 o'clock. Our teachers prepared a lot of games and events for us every day and taught us a lot of things. E. g., how to work with a compass or how to orient in nature.

There were twelve teams and every team had five people. The first day in the evening, when it was dark, we ran a short race - “night fighting game“ in a forest. We had to remember five different pictures that were stuck on the trees and at the end of the track, we had to draw them correctly. On the second day, teachers taught us how to use a compass and we ran an orienteering in the afternoon. And on the last day teachers made a “Predator” race for us. The last hurdle was amusing, because people had to cross the rope above the water and several of them fell in to the water. At the end of the course, teachers declared the best teams and rewarded all of us.

It was an amazing experience and we all survived. :-)

Lucie Fiedlerová, tercie B