Day 1
When we arrived, we got some free time to setup our beds and sleeping bags in our cabin. We then went to gym to play some games and recognize some herbs, mushrooms and trees. After that we had lunch which was not very tasty. (It was very juicy smoked meat with disgusting dumplings) Thereafter we learned how to orientate using compass and then we went to dinner. (It was vegetable sauce with beans and rice) We also went on night walk to find some pictures in the forest.

Day 2
We had buffet breakfast. (It was much better than previous lunch and dinner) We also learned how to provide first aid, then we went to lunch. (It was chicken sauce with grilled chicken meat and pasta) After that yummy lunch we collected some dry wood and cooked sausage goulash on open fire. For dinner we had potato dumplings with onions.

Day 3
We packed our stuff in bags, ran a predator race, ate lunch (It was chicken fried meat with potatoes) and then we went back home.

Jakub Kasal, tercie B