We met on one cold but beautiful Wednesday morning at the bus stop Veznice Bory. The weather was cold, but we hoped it would be sunny later. Our bus arrived on time, unlike the bus number 30 which comes and goes with delays all the time. I must admit that it was difficult for all of us to fit in one bus but fortunately we didn’t have to go a long way. We arrived there 5 minutes later and headed to the castle Litice.

When we got in front of the castle, I was surprised by the way it looked. There are only three walls and a hole, but the guide was able to talk about this ruin for hours. When we looked out of the castle, we could see the whole area Litice. The weather was clear, and we took hundreds of pictures of everything. After taking pictures, we continued in our journey and went to a church to see a presentation on castles and ruins in the area. The church was only 10 minutes away. A nun greeted us there and shortly told us some information about the church and the parish. How they help repair other churches and parishes in the area too. It is nice that they want to keep the church buildings in a good condition, but they should consider putting some heating in the churches.

The lecture about archeologic work was informative, but the lecturer seemed to be talking not to us but to the screen. We had a short break in the middle of the presentation. We wanted to get warm and walked around the church, but it didn’t help. Whatever we did, we were freezing.
The second part of the presentation was about the houses that ruled here. The lecturer didn’t give us general information about each ruler or monarch but found a more interesting way. He talked about the castles and churches they had built or fixed. After this part of the presentation there was some time for us to explore the town. We really wanted to get warm, so we headed to the shops. We reached our goal, but I must say that we didn’t go anywhere else. Luckily, the place to meet again was only 300 metres away from the shop. The bus 30 for the way back arrived on time again and we got on. The bus was so full that I worried it couldn’t leave. But fortunately, we did. The journey seemed never-ending but finally we got back. We said goodbye to each other at the bust stop and that was the end of our archaeology school trip. It was our first trip and we enjoyed it very much although we were freezing there. I think it will be a very nice memory.

Denisa Valenzová, 1. B