On 22nd October, class sexta A went to Prague to complete and deepen their knowledge about Thirty-year War, especially about the reasons and the first phase of this war. Directly on the battlefield, the Battle on Bílá Hora (8th Nov 1620) was introduced in great details including the participants, leaders and generals, the powers of each army, and of course the result was reminded. Everything was excellently supported and completed with foggy harsh weather.

On feet we moved from the battlefield to philosophic renaissance summer residence Hvězda. We were talking about it, of course, and about its builder and architect Ferdinand Tyrolsky as well. We could see and admire great renaissance stucco and decorations on the ground floor. We were also very lucky to be able and allowed to see the feast room which used to be there couple hundred years ago, on the second floor. We were literary walking on the impressive tile floor made of ceramic glazed tiles, which is still original. We could also be impressed by a great space in the room and great view up to a fantastic ceiling vault and arch. Because of the fog we could admire a great view which is said to be overwhelming. In the cellar, former wine cellar, we didn´t forget to study in details s model of the battle on Bílá Hora.

Despite the fact that the battlefield is very close, the whole area if fulfilled with harmony and calm atmosphere. The stroll in nearby game reserve of marvellous colour of autumn trees finished our excursion in a great way.

Martina Walterová, free translation